Monday, June 7, 2010

Quilt Market - Friday

I have not had the time to organize my thoughts but I want to get more photos out there.  Let's see if this will work, I am going to try to post photos with little comments and just do one long post.  Here goes!
 Entering the floor, the size of the convention was mind boggling.  Here is the map, each number was a booth.
This adorable doll pattern was the first booth that caught my eye.  This company specializes in importing patterns for quilting and crafting from Australia.  Here are more of the pattern samples:
Ooh!  Tina Givens!  She was very busy chatting, but I did get the opportunity to say, "Hello" and tell her how lovely her fabric collections have been.  She was so gracious.  She autographed a card from her booth for my friend Lisa who is her number one fan.  Her new line for Free Spirit will be out in July and its called Opal Owl.

These are custom Dog Leashes!  Pick any fabric and create a custom dog leash.  I have these listed in my shop - you get the pattern (directions), a 44" strip of Multi-purpose cloth and the snap hook.  Very cute gift idea for a new pet owner or your own pampered pooch!
More cute things I found (and ordered for the shop!  New Favorite Things patterns - a little dress/hat combo and Maternity top.
And above - a criss cross jumper dress, diaper bag, and diapers!

More photos coming....

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