Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sale Aftermath and NEW items!

Whew!  We had a FLASH SALE (one day only sale) on Friday and the response was overwhelming.  To tell you how popular the sale was, I did more volume in 24 hours than I did in February!   I am a little behind on orders, but a third did go out yesterday and more will go out today.  Watch for a shipping notice from PayPal, that will alert you that you order went out. 

If you missed the sale, make sure you follow me on Facebook or Twitter.  If you do not "do" either one of those, I will be starting to collect email addresses for email updates.  The opt-in sign up list for email newsletters will be live by the end of the month.

In other news, we have new items up!
Another adorable line from The Henley Studios - Sew Lovely!
Prints from the Henley Studios from Makower UK tend to sell out quickly and are not reprinted.  Visit the shop - www.treasurebayfabrics.com and get yours soon!