Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Soft Wubby Tutorial and Dumpster Diving Braless

I finally have a new tutorial!!!! Yea me! I remember how clever I thought it was that Melissa came up with the name "Tuesday Tutorial".  I can't do it!  It is way too much pressure to have deadlines.  I have really great intentions and then life happens.  Now we will have "Surprise....It Is A Tutorial" day.  Or...Finally the damn project is done day....

I have to tell you about my Tuesday and exactly why this tutorial was not done on time. O.k. sit back, grab a Diet Coke, and prepare to feel much better about yourself.  Monday night Thing 3 came home from school in tears.  Thing 3 is a perfectionist.  She is and overachiever.  She suffers from severe anxiety.  She had been working on a project for a week.  It was due that day (Monday).  She put it in her bag before she left for school.  Monday is band day so she went to band at a different school than she attends.  After band she rode the bus to her school.  She got to school.  She went to her locker. She pulled out her books and went to get her project and guess what......(drum roll please....) It was not in her bag.  She had lost it somewhere between the house and her locker.  She was devastated.  She got detention. (When the kids don't have their homework they get detention.  Her life was ruined.  I talked to her and got her calmed down. Next, I called the teacher and explained that she did have the project done but it had fallen out of her bag at band.  I asked her to go look in the car and I would call the bus barn and have the bus driver check and see if it had fallen out on the bus.  It was too late to call the school.  We came up empty handed.  Tuesday morning I got up and went to the school that she has band at.  The office staff was less than helpful.  I was saying really nasty words in my mind. I found the band teacher and together we looked everywhere! I looked in the trash in the band room.  I looked through the trash in the auditorium where they set their bags.  I looked through the trash on the janitors cart! We looked in every spot that Thing 3 had been in.  We called the night janitor and asked if he had found it. The project was a legal sized piece of white paper rolled in a tube.  (If you unrolled it, it was obvious it was a project.  Rolled, it looked like trash) I was pretty sure it had been thrown away.  We looked for a good hour for it. Next stop was the bus barn.  I went and looked all over the bus.  I dug through the trash on the bus (If you are counting I have looked through no fewer than 3 nasty trash cans full of chewed gum and used tissues.) and came up empty handed.  I was devastated for Thing 3.  I got in the car and got ready to leave when out of the corner of my eye I saw a white tube tucked into the door pocket!  I. Was. Ticked.  I had to go to Target and then I was going to go home and shower.  I am walking into Target trying to come up with the most vile chores for Thing 3 to do in payment for my lost morning when I caught my reflection in the glass.  I had forgotten my bra.  You might be thinking, "oh, that can't be that bad...she probably had on a baggy shirt."  I could not be that lucky.  I had on a fitted shirt that showed my poor saggy self in all its glory.  I had talked to the principal.  I had talked to 4 teachers.  I had talked to the bus driver.  I had gone to Target.  The day didn't get better.  That my friends is why this is now a Thursday Tutorial!

Drum roll please..........................................

Soft Wubby Blanket
I am always on the lookout for cute ideas for baby gifts.  My talented friend Angela McKellar came up with this cute little blanket.  I call it the Soft Wubby.  It is a small, lightweight quilt, with no batting, and Minky on the back.  I can whip one of these up in less than and hour!
(This will make 2 blankets)

5 (five) 1/4 yard cuts of coordinating prints
1 (one) 3/4 yard cut of a coordinating print
1 yard cut of Minky
coordinating thread

Step 1
* cut each of the 5 ( five) 1/4 yard prints into several pieces 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches
* cut 1/4 yard off of your 3/4 yard print.  Set the remaining 1/2 yard aside for the binding
* cut the remaining 1/4 yard print into several pieces 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches
You should now have 6 stacks of different prints
Step 2
* Sew 4 different strip sets using three different prints in each row.

Step 3
* You should now have 4 strip sets.  Each strip set should contain 3 different blocks. Press.
* Sew the rows together.  Your top will be 3 block across (width) and 4 rows down (length)
* Press

Step 4
* Measure your top.  Add 1 inch to each side measurement. Cut Minky for the back.
* Lay the Minky on a flat surface, fuzzy side facing down and wrong side up.
* Spray the WRONG side of the Minky with a basting spray. Lay the quilt top on the Minky. Wrong sides  together.  Smooth out all the wrinkles.

Step 5
* Choose a decorative stitch such as a zig zag (I like the wavey stitch) and sew across each seam.  This will anchor the top and the bottom together.
(This is the back.)
Step 6
* Measure your quilt and cut your binding.  Bind using your favorite method.  I never hand tack my binding because these Soft Wubby blankets get used alot! I find that when I sew it on with the machine it is much more durable.

Step 7
* Find a cute baby that needs a cute little Wubby to cuddle!
This cute little boy Wubby is made using various fabrics from
The little girl version is made using Weekends Go By Bike by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit

These blankets are perfect for the car seats, the stroller, and just general snuggling.  They are lightweight and so very soft!  Happy Sewing!



  1. You go girl (and the sistas too!) Love the little blankets. I've been afraid of using minkie, but I think that the adhesive would be great.