Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One of those mornings....

Do you ever have one of "those" mornings?  Today was mine.  I have mentioned that I have six kids, five girls and one boy.  We have ALOT of hormones at our house. Mornings are rarely pleasant.  This morning was really ugly.  Thing 6 ( youngest daughter- age 6) is not a morning person.  She never has been.  The last month of school is always bad because she has had just about enough of getting up early.  This morning she refused to get dressed.  She sat in her room and alternated between sobbing and throwing a temper tantrum (she is the baby and a bit spoiled).  I finally told her that if she didn't get dressed I would haul her into school in her pajamas.

About that time Thing 3 (daughter # 3....age 11) jumped in.  This is a direct quote.  "Thing 6 (well, she didn't say Thing 6...she said her name) you had better get dressed.  Mom is serious.  She will do that.  You should be glad she is dressed.  The day mom carried me to the bus she had her pajamas and snow boots on...and it wasn't even snowing!!!!  She doesn't care if people think she looks dumb! She will make you go to school in pajamas!"  That did nothing to calm Thing 6 down.  Thing 4 (only son, age 10) jumped in with his own horror story. "Thing 6, mom will do it.  One time I didn't want to go to church so I wouldn't get dressed.  Mom hauled me naked (in my defense, he had underwear on) to the car, stuck me in the back with my suit and drove to church.  When I wouldn't get dressed, she left me in the car and went and got dad out of his church meeting. I had to get dressed IN THE CHURCH PARKING LOT!!!!"  Thing 5 (daughter, age 8) doesn't have a story about being taken somewhere naked or in her p.j.'s by a mother in different states of dress. She did manage to find a story to add. "Ya, Thing 6, mom doesn't care about how we feel.  She went into the Dollar Store in nothing but her SWIMMING SUIT!!!!  She does not care about how she wrecks our lives!!!  You better get dressed!"  Luckily, Thing 1 and Thing 2 were already at school and did not have a chance to add their stories.

I feel like I am succeeding as a mother.  I am giving them good stories to tell when they are adults. I am providing job security for the therapist that ends up undoing all I have done to mess my kids up. That is how I like to spin it!
Happy May 2nd! I am headed down to fold more fabric.

 - Stephanie


  1. oh Steph, i miss the stories about your kids, that is too funny. someday their therapist will thank u!!!

  2. Hi Stephanie!!!!! I feel the same way and I only have 3 kids...I figure that I will make some therapist very wealthy in the years to come! Congrats on your new endeavor! I miss the store and everyone.