Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Roundup of My Favorite Tutorials

I am loving all the tutorials lately.  I read them more than I create.  I need to stop looking!  Here are some of my favorites!

Pockets have always made me a little nervous, but ikatbag has posted a series on pockets that has me cheering!  Look at this lovely pocket:
It seriously makes my heart sing!   I can't wait to try out other pockets on bags and skirts for my little girl.

From The PolkaDot Chair, look at this gorgeousness for the Holidays!
Here is the tutorial link.

This is also from the Polka Dot Chair and I am making this tomorrow morning (don't tell my daughter!):

And the link is here for the Dolly Skirt How-To.  There is even another tutorial for the matching Girls Skirt!  So fabulous!

Need a quick gift?  How about something made out of scraps, interfacing and a zipper!
Step by Step instructions are here at cut out and keep - a site chock full of tutorials and sharing, you might get lost over there for a few hours, be careful!

Sew On!

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