Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 10 of the Twelve Treasures of Christmas Giveaway!

This time, I did not take a photo with my iPhone - impressive!  I did take an existing photo and jazzed it up with icons in Photoshop, its the effort right?  In my defense, I had the honor of being a guest in my daughters Kindergarten classroom yesterday for Visitor Day.  We enjoyed making mini Gingerbread houses, reading stories and apparently, sharing germs.  I woke up this morning with that omnipresent childhood friend - Pink Eye!  I am thrilled that my kids do not have it, but man, what a pain!   Now that I have grossed everyone out, here is what I have up for today's giveaway, behold - Innocent Crush!
The giveaway today consists of SEVEN Fat Quarters of Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner.  You will be getting one of each print marked with the bright green unicorn (don't worry, that's not on the fabric). 

Click Comment to put your name into the drawing, one entry per person please. Don't forget to enter for days six going forward if you haven't already. Drawings for these remaining days will all take place on the night of the 24th.  Don't forget to check back to see if you've won! (and I promise not to touch anything in the shop until my eyes are cleared up!)

 - Melissa


  1. yeah for wonderful merchants doing fun giveaways!

  2. Super cute. hope your eyes get better soon. ~ holly

  3. Awesome giveaway - thanks for the chance. I hope your pink eye gets better quickly.

  4. pretty... hope your eye is better soon. Kindergarten classes you can catch everything in there. :)

  5. oooh...pretty! thanks for a sweet giveaway I can use! - Katie

  6. Sorry about the pink eye, I thought the kids were suppost to give it to the parents, not the other way around. Get better soon. Merry Christmas!!

  7. Wow, what fab giveaway. Hope your pinkeye gets better by Christmas.

  8. These are FANTASTIC!!!



  9. Hope you get better soon, pink eye isn't fun!!

    Love the fabric!! Great giveaway