Sunday, November 21, 2010

Late Night Blogging

And that title is not a euphemism for anything naughty!

I just wanted to post a little update on shop happenings, I have been so quiet lately and I am absolutely certain you have been thinking about what I have been up to, right? That's what I thought! I have been diligently plugging away at the new online shop and since I am not a graphic designer, it's going a lot slower than I hoped. Still aiming for a January 1 roll out though! I have ordered a clone to help with the workload but she is on back order.

In the meantime, I have some exciting news to share. I will be having a year end clearance in the etsy storefront to reduce the amount of items I will need to transfer over and to assist in that, etsy now has the ability to accept COUPON CODES! Yes, I know I am yelling, it's just that fabulous!

To kick off this fabulously good news, we are having a Black Friday weekend sale. I will add a new blog post with the Code and instructions on how to redeem it with the etsy checkout system. I will also announce it in Facebook and Twitter and yell at random strangers about it. Since this post is missing some pretty pictures to jazz it up, I will leave you with this lovely cut paper art made by my little girl while I was cutting and packing orders last week:

I sense a future in textile design for her.... I love the little bee on the right!

- Melissa

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