Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quilt Market....Stephanie's Perspective...

Wow....Those three little letters  pretty much sum it all up!  So, the first day Melissa and I were walking to the convention center.  I was telling her how much I loved the "Sew Lisette" patterns. They are designed by Oliver and S designer, Liesl Gibson.  I have been a fan of Oliver and S since their debut.  They are what gave me the confidence to sew children's clothing. Anywhooo... We are walking and talking about how amazing these patterns are when Melissa notices the lady in front of us.  Guess who it was....drum roll....Liesel Gibson!!!! She was so nice and down to earth.  It was so fun to talk about her patterns and her new line of fabric coming from Moda.  She is so nice!  Here are a few pictures of her gorgeous booth.

I was introduced to Sarah Jane Fabrics this market. OMGSH!!!! How have I missed these?  I wanted one of everything.  I wanted to steal the cute chair but could not figure out how to put it in my bag.  Sarah Jane was so sweet.  Even if I didn't like her fabric (which I LOVED!!!!), I would want to buy it because she is so darn nice.  I love her embroidery patterns and can't wait to buy them for my girls!  You will be happy to know that Melissa ordered ALOT of Sarah Jane! 

(This is the chair I wanted to take home with me.)

I will be back soon with part 2.  Have a happy wednesday!


  1. OOO, I love Sarah Jane!!!! Can't wait to see what Melissa ordered :)

    1. and I also have an obsession with O +S patterns....wish i had more :)