Friday, June 29, 2012

Art and Soul Boutique...LOVE IT!!!

I love my job.  Melissa sent me a text a couple of weeks ago and asked me what size skirt I wore.  I sent her my size and a few days later I got the CUTEST skirt in the mail! They even sent a cute shirt for Thing 5.

Art and Soul Boutique (Bercot Children's wear) has a great selection of all American made, boutique children's wear and women's clothing.  The shirt that Thing 5 is wearing is a nice blend of  poly, rayon, and linen. I washed it before she wore it and it held it's shape beautifully. The fabric is so soft. It is sure to be a favorite.
I am wearing the "Lots O Pink" skirt. It is 100% cotton with a cotton/lycra yoga band. The waist is such a cute pink and white polka dot print (too bad that after giving birth to 5 kids I don't tuck things in!)

The skirt is embellished with a "ditty pocket" (I got so many compliments on the pocket!) and handmade cluney lace from Poland along the bottom.

 I wore it to three different events and got so...many compliments.  It was so comfortable.  I even wore it to sit in front of a cornfield! (doesn't everyone love to sit by the corn?)

I hate things touching my waist and I loved the yoga band.  One problem I have with other skirts that have yoga bands is that they are usually really bulky.  I have enough bulk in my tummy area without adding to it.  This yoga waist is very thin and adds NO bulk.  The skirt as a whole was very flattering (or so I was told) and I felt so cute wearing it.  I washed it and it ironed really well and looks as good as new.  I am a fan.  I love everything about it and wouldn't change a thing.  I am already planning my next order!
Thank you Art & Soul!  Shop Art and Soul Boutique at

This is Melissa. I just want to mention that I rarely have time to sew. Kristine and her team at Art & Soul create sweet, lovely clothing for women of all sizes and children who love beautiful, affordable, handmade clothing. Everything is made in the USA! How rare is that? I feel great knowing my purchase is supporting a woman owned business. Treat yourself to something you will love to wear!

Psssst! Even better - right now they are having their annual Studio Sale! Run!

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  1. I am a big fan of kristine and her line...made in the USA is a big plus too!!!