Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cutest Baby Quilt.....Part 2

Drumroll Please......................
TAAAADAAAA!  Here it is.  The Cutest Baby Quilt Ever!!! I am sure many of you are saying, "no, Stephanie, I have made cuter and I have seen cuter."  That is ok! I am not offended.  I do hope that you will try to make this quick and easy quilt and then it can become ONE of your favorites.

Lets refer back to part 1 of the tutorial.  In the first step you prepared your fabrics by quilting the "quilt sandwich" together.  The sandwich consists of the back, batting, and quilt top.  I wanted to do something simple so I straight line quilted it.  Now we will finish the quilt.

Part 2

I have my quilt sandwich ready to go and quilted. Right now it is has square corners.  I want to round them a bit so I used the bottom of a large cone of thread to trace a curve on all four corners. (I used white fabric so that you could see what I was doing.)
I have traced the four corners.  Now I want to make sure to secure my edges so they won't ravel.  I have a serger so I serged around the edge of the whole quilt.  If you don't have a serger, just using a normal zig zag will work.  This serves two purposes. 1) It will keep the fabric from raveling. 2) It will serve as my guide when I do the hemstitching.
Next I will choose my thread and put my Hemstitch needle on.
I selected my Hemstitch on my machine.  I then set the stitch length to as long as it would go.  On my machine it is 4.0 mm. I have also use a plain straight stitch but the holes don't stay open and then it is hard to get the hook through. Here is what mine looks like.
Now comes the fun part.
Grab your yarn and your crochet hook.  I used a U.S. 5/1.7mm hook.  Now all you have to do is single crochet around the edge of your quilt.  Here is a video.

 Crochet around the whole quilt and this is what you have!

Happy sewing!  Please post pictures of your cute quilts on Facebook! If you have any questions please message me!


  1. I am so very in love with this!!

  2. This is GENIUS! I hate binding a quilt. I cannot wait to try this!

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