Friday, April 27, 2012

My Craving To Create....

Do you ever get a craving to create?  Sometime I wake up and feel this intense desire to create.  I don't want to do something big.  I just want to do a project from start to finish so that I can feel the sense of creating something beautiful.  Sometimes I think that this feeling comes from the lack of control I feel with 6 kids.  Sewing is something that I have complete control over.  I can mold the project into what I want it to be.  Unfortunately, I can't always do that with my kids!  Here is one of my favorite quick and easy projects.  Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional created this cute little bib called "The Bapron".  This has become one of my "go to"  projects.  It fills my need to create and it fills my need to give.  I don't have babies so I give them to my friends that do!

Front- I used 100% cotton
 Jess used flannel but I had some pul and I thought that would be nice and waterproof.

I have used laminated cotton and that works great too.

Have a happy weekend!
- Stephanie

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